Ferdinand von Mueller correspondence

About this website

This is a proofing website for the digitally-encoded collection of the correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller (Wikipedia) (Encyclopedia of Australian Science).

More than 15,000 letters have been transcribed using Microsoft Word, and these documents are regularly converted by an automated process into TEI XML and published online using the digital library system XTF. The conversion process is scheduled to run at 0:00 and 18:00 UTC, and produces a log.

This purpose of this site is to facilitate proofing these editorial and conversion processes; to support the discovery of errors, and to improve the resulting TEI. For this reason, XTF has been customised to provide an "editorial" rather than end-user view of the texts.

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The languages used (mainly English and German) are distinguished by background colour; German in pale green, and English in pale blue.

Text for which an English translation is supplied is currently assumed to be in German, but in fact some of it is in French and other languages.

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